Flight Of The Unicorns

Title: Flight Of The Unicorns: Lessons From India’s Startup Bubble, Author: Soum Paul, Published by: Harper Collins India (Harper Business), Year: 2017. ISBN-10: 9352644778, ISBN-13: 978-9352644773. 

In 2012, when I returned to India from London after a four year stint in a startup, a remarkable transformation was underway. Numerous individuals had started giving up their cushy jobs and jumping into solving some of India’s toughest challenges. Within a few years, the word ‘startup’ would enter the common parlance as global funding poured in and investors saw India as the last big market.


Flight Of The Unicorns, written through the years of India’s startup funding boom and bust, is a deep-dive into the nuances of the country’s startup ecosystem, and an exploration of the models that seem to work. Through interviews with numerous entrepreneurs and other ecosystem players, a study of different models, and an observation of the global and local trends, the Flight Of The Unicorns presents readers a blueprint for constructing startup models in the coming future.

The book is published by Harper Collins India, and will soon be available at a store near you.

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