About Soum

Soum is the Founder/CEO of Supercraft, a global SaaS / API platform for Brands and Creators to harness emerging Blockchain technologies in order to build direct-to-consumer relationships, and unlock new monetization streams from Phygital and Digital products.

Soum was also the founder of Spark.Live, India’s first Creator-led Live Skilling and Learning CBC Platform. Spark.Live solved fundamental access problems for the next half billion users in key areas like skill development, education, mental health and wellness, physical health, lifestyle and living.

Soum started his career after graduating from IIT Kanpur (B.Tech in Computer Science), and research internships in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence at University of Zurich and EPFL, Lausanne. He then worked in EFI (Foster City, California) for several years as a software engineer, and eventually returned to India to pursue a career in filmmaking. 

During his stints as a Creator/Filmmaker, Soum worked with a number of organizations like Wipro, IBM, Ogilvy PR, Current.TV, producing and directing non-fiction documentaries for them, while also directing short films of his own. During this period, he met the founder of Mixercast (acquired), and joined the startup as a founding member / architect, to help build a media platform that could be used for collaborative media creation and publishing. 

After several years as technology architect at Mixercast, he moved to London, and helped start State.com. At State.com, Soum functioned as the Chief Architect, and led a team of engineers to build a global opinion platform. During this time, he also worked as an advisor for NewsDeeply, a company that designs high impact topic-driven communities.

After his work in State.com, Soum returned to Mumbai and authored his first book – Topper Prepares – which was written to study the highly competitive ecosystem of IIT JEE, an exam that touches upon the lives of millions of students across the country. His second book, Flight Of The Unicorns, was a study into the boom and bust of startups in India in 2015-2016, the defining years of Indian startup ecosystem. 

Soum also worked with Knowlarity (acquired), a cloud telephony company, as a Director of Special Projects, to help them scale up the technology team, and with Swadhaar Finserve, in helping create an award-winning app that brings financial literacy to NBFC customers.

Soum is an avid traveler and has traveled through the depth and breadth of India, and over 37 countries.