‘Flight Of The Unicorns’ is out!

From the backside blurb of the book —


The years 2015 and 2016 were watershed years in the history of the Indian start-up ecosystem. Not only did the word ‘start-up’ enter common parlance as large sums of money were poured in, several firms also achieved the fabled ‘unicorn’ status of billion-dollar valuation. However, immediately afterwards, the exuberance disappeared as the bubble burst and the very viability of these celebrated ventures came into question. And with it, began a new era.

This book took me on a journey through startup ecosystems of India, Indonesia, Singapore, in my attempt at unearthing business model patterns that tend to work.

After a two and half year effort, here it is finally. The book is divided into three sections.

Part 1 deals with the story of the ecosystem’s evolution, and the narratives that emerged from it. Part 2 deals with a revisiting of the idea of startups, and deep-dive into the patterns in success, models that seem to work based on a deeper understanding of the subcontinent. Part 3 dives into the future trends that are emerging, and how they can be applied to the challenges that India and other emerging markets present.

Amazon India has started delivering, and it will hit most of the popular bookstores around in the country very soon. Exciting!

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