Soum is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, author and CoFounder/CEO of Supercraft, a global SaaS/API platform that enables Creators and Brands to harness Blockchain technologies to create and sell Phygital and Digital Products. Supercraft works with some of the top brands and Creators, who are building multiple layers of fandom and monetization. Supercraft was founded in 2022.

Soum was also the Founder/CEO of Spark.Live, which was India’s first Creator-led Multilingual Marketplace of Live CBCs. Spark.Live solved fundamental access problems for the next half billion users in key areas like skill development, education, mental health and wellness, physical health, lifestyle and living. During its time, Spark.Live enabled connected Trainers/Mentors and Users from 1700+ districts across India’s tier 2 and tier 3.

Prior to Supercraft and Spark.Live, he has been part of core teams of various high-growth startups – Knowlarity (acquired), (London), Mixercast (San Francisco, acquired). He has also published two books, and is in the process of writing his third one.

Latest Scribbles

Swadhaar Saathi wins $100,000 from MetLife Foundation

Swadhaar Saathi, the app that we made last year for Swadhaar FinAccess, has won the MetLife Foundation’s Inclusion Plus competition, amongst 100 other entries. Read more here. MUMBAI, India, May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Swadhaar Saathi has been announced winner of the MetLife Foundation Inclusion Plus…

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‘Flight Of The Unicorns’ is out!

From the backside blurb of the book — The years 2015 and 2016 were watershed years in the history of the Indian start-up ecosystem. Not only did the word ‘start-up’ enter common parlance as large sums of money were poured in, several firms also achieved the…

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Vernacular Financial Literacy Modules

One of the biggest challenges when creating products for the larger India is the abysmal state of alpha-literacy: essentially, a large segment of the population cannot read or write alphabetic characters, but can understand numbers. To reach such a segment, there is only one real approach:…

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